Addition 2011


bulletApril 14, 2010: Destruction of the old
bulletDeck removed from the back of the house, View 1
bulletDeck removed from the back of the house, View 2
bulletDeck removed from the back of the house, View 3
bulletApril 18, 2011: Footers and basement concrete walls
bulletFooters and wall from sliding glass door
bulletFooters for deck (Yes the on on the right is on an angle)
bulletView of walls from outside, View 1
bulletView of walls from outside, View 2
bulletApril 20, 2011: Forms removed
bulletWalls, View 1
bulletWalls, View 2
bulletWalls, View 3
bulletApril 26, 2011: Framing barely started
bulletConcrete floor in basement
bulletStart of deck framing. Picture from slider
bulletThe poured the wall 2" to high.  Trimmed wall and added top board to build addition on.
bulletDeck framing
bulletApril 27, 2011: Framing of the additon
bulletView 1, View 2, View 3, View 4
bulletApril 29, 2011: More Framing
bulletView 1, View 2
bulletMay 3, 2011: More framing, window and slider installed
bulletFraming details and window
bulletFraming details and window
bulletOutside view of addition and deck
bulletMay 19, 2011: Siding and roof in progress
bulletView 1 
bulletView 2.  Notice overhang for deck is magicly longer (first of several on the fly changes we made)
bulletMay 20, 2011: Siding complete
bulletView 1, View 2
bulletMay 28, 2011: Misc:
bulletSecret door 1, Secret door 2 I wanted to have a way through the wall while construction was going on so I hinged the temp wall the builder installed.
bulletPicture of LED lighting
bulletOutside of house from inside the addition
bulletJune 3, 2011: Insulation. We have several inches of high performance foam behind the traditional bat (R53 in ceiling, R28 in walls).
bulletView 1 just bat, View 2 foam behind bat, View 3 w/LED light and foam behind bat
bulletJune 8, 2011 Mount behind wall for flat TV
bulletJune 9, 2011: Wall board is up (notice balloon friendly cielings)
bulletPicture 1, Picture 2 (Colored panel on right is current favorite color to paint room), Picture 3
bulletJune 10, 2011: First coat of wall mud.
bulletPicture 1 (looking from hall, through old dinette), into addition, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4 (from kitchen through removed window into addition)
bulletJune 17, 2011:
bullet1st floor of addition primed (Painting scheduled for Monday)
bulletStorage room in basement of addition
bulletJune 20, 2011:
bulletThe room has been painted.  View of the dinning room opening.
bulletJuly 6, 2011: The addition is finished and furnished.
bulletMain floor; View 1, View 2
bulletOutside View

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