1999 Saturn SC2


1999 Saturn SC2:


138k miles


1.7L 4-cylinder engine


4 speed automatic transmission.


3-door coupe.



The car is in good condition. I am the second owner. The car was purchased in 2002 and it has been reliable. The only major repair was a transmission rebuild at 90k miles. The oil has been changed regularly at 3k mile intervals. The tires were replaced at 120k miles and still have good tread. The battery was replaced less than a year ago.

The passenger side window is stuck in the up position and the passenger side electrical door locks are not functioning. The passenger side door can be locked manually and the side view mirror is functioning. The driver side window, lock, and mirror are functioning.

(Click on Pictures to view full size.)

Drivers side with doors closed. (4.30MB)

Drivers side with doors open. (3.20MB)

Front view. (2.65MB)

Passenger side with doors closed. (4.66MB)

Rear view. (3.00MB)

Sunroof open. (2.87MB)

Instrument panel. 138,608 miles on 5/26/2013. (2.68MB)

Radio and environmental controls. (3.50 MB)

Engine. (2.96MB)

Original dealer sticker with configuration options. (3.36MB)



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